Amira’s Quality Systems – Government recognition – Actiris Partner

■ Amira is an experienced, government recognised language school, established in 1983.

■ It has a long track record in educational quality systems.

■ In 1995 it was the first language school to obtain ISO 9001 certification.

■ ISO9001 was renewed in 1998.
■ In 2002, the school changed to the Q*For quality system.
■ The Q*For certificate was renewed in 2005 and 2008
■ The school’s role as an Actiris partner was renewed for the period 2011 to 2015

Actiris is the official Brussels Employment Office and selects partners by its own quality certification process. “ISO 9001” is the well known international quality system used by many leading organisations. “Q*For” is an ISO style quality certification designed specifically for the training and consulting sectors.

Among other advantages, students working in Belgium can use Flemish government subsidised training cheques (VDAB opleidingscheques) to pay for their courses.

Amira's Quality Certificates and Reports

2010 Actiris Partner for 2011 to 2015
2008 Q*For Report in French
2008 Q*For certificate in Dutch and French
2005 Q*For Report in French
2005 Q*For certificate in Dutch and French
2005 Government recognition for the Opleidingscheques system
2002 Q*For Report in French
2002 Q*For Report in Dutch
2002 Government recognition for the Opleidingscheques system
1998 ISO 9001 certificate
1995 ISO 9001 certificate

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